A proven system — based on over 100 million hands of data—that exposes universal pool trends, simplifies exploitative strategy, and unleashes the full potential of GTO solvers

No matter what stakes you’re playing. Or what site you’re on. Even if you’ve never used advanced poker software.

AND you’ll get automatic access to an exclusive Facebook group of Night Vision Expansion members —including players at all limits—to keep you on the leading edge.

Night Vision Expansion is an eight-chapter program that has helped over 100 players transform their game into a consistent, scientifically-driven system. This course will teach you how to win by giving you complete vision over pool trends—simultaneously simplifying your game AND unlocking more win rate.

And now, we’ve upgraded the course with all new content, including our most advanced data analysis videos yet, revolutionary mindset training, live stream Q&As, and Tier 1 of our exclusive Coaching For Profits course.

Hi, I’m Nick Howard, founder and CEO of Poker Detox, an elite NLHE online cash game staking company.

I am a former Run It Once Elite Pro coach and I have thousands of hours of experience coaching players at all levels, from low stakes to nosebleeds. My mission is to guide all of my students toward endless improvement, both on and off the tables.

In 2015, when the solvers came out I was determined to find ways to use them to transform my game. They seemed to contain the key to massive win rate—and the entire community was swept into a GTO craze around the potential of this new software.

I assembled a research team of like-minded players, and we dove into GTO solutions. We studied gridwork across the entire game tree—frequently putting in sixty-plus hour weeks trying to replicate the complex strategies that the solvers suggested. 

The solution seemed simple. If we could just study for a long enough time and memorize complex strategies, we would win. 

We thought we were being smart. We were wrong.

What we weren’t prepared for was that the rabbit hole ran much deeper than we thought. There was no end to the complexity of playing a balanced strategy. And even worse, we began to realize that playing balanced was losing us money in real games.

The solvers were training us away from the natural exploitative talent we once had, clouding our intuition and causing us to distrust our own judgment. 

We were getting worse, not better.

Within six months, I had reached a point of complete burnout. I couldn’t study. I couldn’t play. I stopped spending time with my friends—the GTO tunnel had taken every ounce of energy out of me.

I remember the morning when I woke up, not wanting to get out of bed, knowing that I had to change something. 

I tried to remember what it felt like to enjoy poker and to feel confident that I was seeing growth on a daily basis.

Suddenly I realized that the only time that I really felt confident and in control of my decisions was when I was paying attention to the human element of the game. My opponents were real people with real imbalances, and GTO had convinced me to ignore that.

I set off on a new path that was open and committed to taking feedback from my environment.

As I began to use the solvers more creatively, I found ways to plot optimal solutions against the pool trends. I gained vision over the pool’s imbalances over giant samples. 

Patterns were showing up everywhere. My team and I were able to go deeper into texture analysis than ever before. It was becoming clear how the human player saw the game differently than the solvers. 

For the first time, I had irrefutable evidence in support of a winning exploitative strategy. 

What started as raw intuition in observing pool trends had to snowball into a consistent, data-driven system. It was more incentivized than GTO, and best of all, it was simpler and more practical to implement.

All of this research culminated in February 2017 when I launched the original Night Vision pack, and our community grew to one hundred members.

Our members began to confirm what we already knew: the data was real. But there was something else going on that was even more interesting: the pools weren’t adjusting to our exploits. Our players were moving up in limits faster than ever, tackling higher stakes before their opponents knew what hit them.

A year went by like this, and by 2018 we had distilled all of our findings into a simplified postflop blueprint and reconfirmed with brand new data from recent hands that the exploits are still there.

The pools still haven’t adjusted. And we’ve used our methods to go even deeper into textural studies, finding more exploits than ever before.

And now I want to give them to you.

Below is a review from a beta tester of the pack. He is a respected member of the poker community and the most frequent poster and points leader at “RunitOnce.com”. You may recognize him by his avatar...


I've had the opportunity to beta test the Poker Detox Night Vision pack built by Nick and his database crew. First reviewing the video tutorials and then rolling up the sleeves and implementing the Night Vision custom stats for Mass Database Analysis in Hand2Note.

Here's how that went:

Review of the Poker Detox Night Vision package

What The Night Vision team aims to teach you:

  • A universal method for training accurate exploitative play against any player pool 
  • How to gain (and keep) vision over your environment no matter what site and stakes you play 
  • How to unleash the power of GTO solvers and use them to exploit on a massive scale.
  • How to simplify your strategies and increase your win rate simultaneously

This has become possible by combining the two most powerful poker software products on the market today; PioSOLVER (which we all know and love) and Hand2Note (latest generation of tracker software that can handle humongous databases blazingly fast).

The Night Vision training starts with learning how to set up and use the software:

  • Pio tutorial (2 videos) 
  • Hand2Note tutorial (3 videos)
  • HoldemManager tutorial (1 video)

After this section, you will be able to do all the necessary Pio calculations and build advanced Hand2Note custom filters for Mass Database Analysis. If you want to stick with HEM2, there's a guide for doing MDA with that as well. I recommend Hand2Note strongly because of the speed, ease of use, and custom stats power, but in principle, you can do Night Vision work with any tracker.

The tutorials are clear and easy to follow. I did build-along in Hand2Note while watching and pausing the H2N videos and had the basic custom stats built after ~3 hours of work. Setting up all basic and advanced stats with board texture filters took me about two workdays.

After building up all the custom statistics, your Hand2Note Range Research module will change from this default setup:

To this custom made Mass Database Analysis monster machine:

This is a screenshot from a Mass Database Analysis of a player pool using 24M hands. The Night Vision statistics tell us the pool's frequencies for selected post flop lines (blurred, so I don't give away too much info) as averages and with variations over various board textures.

These numbers are to be compared with Pio calculations (to be filled in later) in order to identify the pool's leaks for the postflop lines in question. Sample sizes for each post flop line statistic are given in parentheses. Note that the original Hand2Note statistics are still there (on the bottom of the list to the left) in case we need them.

After software training and stats building, you move on to the last part of the pack where Nick discusses universally exploitable player pool tendencies (“hotspots”) and how to build a hotspot blueprint for exploitative play vs the pool.

The course has a smooth progression and requires no previous skills in software use or advanced theory. First getting software setup and basic use out of the way, then moving on to advanced custom stats building, and putting the pieces together on the end.

When you are done, you will have an extensive Hand2Note Range Report setup for Mass Database Analysis work. You will have the skills to quickly extend the setup with more statistics and reports as you see fit. You will know how to combine player pool statistics with Pio calculations to detect player pool leaks for any scenario that you are interested in, preflop and postflop. And, most importantly, you will know how to put together a game plan that exploits your pool’s leaks.

The Night Vision method follows the principles of good science. It's explicitly defined, reproducible, and testable (and built by a team with scientific pre-poker background). By building up the Mass Database Analysis toolkit from scratch you get learning-by-doing right from the get-go, which is the best way to learn. If you get stuck with something, the Night Vision Skype group will be there with dedicated support.

I recommend this package highly for anyone on any level. It only requires an open mind and the willingness to do work on your own (or with other members of the Night Vision Skype group), the rest will be spoon-fed to you. If you feel stuck, paralyzed with theory, or you are already theory-strong but want to explore player pool exploits as a complementary approach, you should find the package extremely valuable.

I am pretty stoked at the moment with the potential of the Night Vision approach and I think it will refresh minds and spark enthusiasm for those who delve into it.

Hear from other students who have 

used my products


“I credit Nick’s coaching products as the catalyst for completely revamping my approach to poker. I went from over-applying GTO concepts to exploiting player pool trends where it counts. Most importantly, I learned problem-solving skills that have allowed me to develop strategies intelligently and independently.”

– Andrew G.   "OhHeyCindy"

"I have been a professional poker player since 2008 with a lot of experience in the coaching industry and I have only good things to say about all of Nick products. Night Vision is IMO the best learning tool available for any poker player that is looking to improve their game to exploit the flaws that occur in all humans. It's very common for players to fall into the trap of playing "GTO" and in that way miss out on tons of money at the tables by not making the adjustments that are being incentivized by the player pool tendencies. With Night Vision we get to see all the spots where we should deviate from "optimal" play to exploitative play and that way crush our opponents.

I think my results speak by them-self, so I don't need to say much more other than showing my sick graph for the current year :)

  The hands were played at mid/high stakes."

- Alexandre M. 

“I started working with the Poker Detox team in early 2017 and watched Nick turn a group of losing players into a winning company. Some of those players reached high stakes in under a year. This is an incredible feat and something I didn’t think was possible in the modern poker landscape. The PD community is full of enthusiastic players working hard to reach the top and it was a pleasure working with them and watching them grow. Highly recommend!” 

 Elliot Roe, Poker Mind Coach 

“The Night Vision course was crucial for my cClick to enlarge areer development, and still is.  Having a clear, accurate methodology that is able to expose the real incentives is one of the most important things to becoming a crusher.”

- Mateus C. 

“The course will teach you how to work with PioSolver more effectively than anything else on the market.  Nick also guides you through the process of establishing yourself as an independent learner, so that you’re able to focus relevantly to maximize profits at every stage of your journey.  His ability to make advanced concepts seem simple truly amazes me.”

- Mike O. - Bovada network




“The course has offered me an infinite amount of knowledge on how to improve on the ways that I think and learn.  Just wanted to say thanks to Nick, PIO Unlocked just gave me so much!”

-Stefano G. - WPN / Chico networks

And now… we’ve upgraded Night Vision Expansion with brand new material



Improve faster than ever in a community dedicated to a consistent, scientific approach to strategy development

Included in the course is...

  • All original content from the Night Vision modules, including Pio tutorials, Hand2Note tutorials, and our team’s findings from a study of over 100 million hands.

  • Updated grid work using hands from 2018 to verify that original hotspots continue to exist

  • Tier 1 of the exclusive Poker Detox Coaching For Profits Course

  • Over fifteen new hours of distilled video content, including lectures, highlights of my lessons with CFP students, hand history reviews with Night Vision members, and exclusive Q&A streams with our Facebook community

  • A library of annotated drill hands, organized by concept and updated frequently with new material

  • The Poker Detox standard line playbook, which condenses the content of my Night Vision and Coaching For Profits courses into a set of simplified post flop instructions

  • The complete Poker Detox preflop ranges

  • An exclusive Facebook group to discuss course content and new findings with dozens of like-minded players at all levels

  • Access to a database of over 115 million hand histories including 15 million new hands from 2018 (including an additional 500k+ hands from Pokermaster)

  • And more… we are constantly expanding and improving this course with new material

Complete Course Outline




$600 $1,600 $2,400
All data grids including UPDATED 2018 hotspots grids

Tier 1 Preflop Ranges 

Original NV Tutorial Videos (5+ hours of content) 

- PioSOLVER tutorials 

- Hand2Note tutorials 

- Holdem Manager tutorial 

- Preflop findings exploration

- Big Blind vs Button Post-flop findings exploration

NVE Starter  


Original NV Add-On Videos (3+ hours of content)
- XR Hotspots

- Multi-Environment Study 

2018 Extension Videos (3+ hours of content)

- Grey Zones

- Performance Cycles

- Best of Tier 5 group calls

100+ million hand histories for independent research

 NV Skype Group access

Introduction to bluff catching

NVE Signature 


Tier 1 CFP course (4+ hours of content) 

Concepts videos 

- Case studies videos 

- Annotated hand library 

The Poker Detox Standard Line Playbook

- Simplified strategies for all common post-flop scenarios

 2018 Live stream events (6+ hours of content)

Exclusive NVE Facebook Group access

$600 $1,600 $2,400

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the course relevant for the site I play on?

    Yes. I made these packs as a result of working with students across more than 10 major environments. All of the environments are imbalanced across the board, to varying degrees. Throughout the packs I prioritize the most important areas of your game for the fastest win-rate gains, while strengthening your theoretical context simultaneously. I teach you how to apply accelerated learning patterns when studying a specific playing environment, by taking you through the process of compiling database trends and profiling your environment against PIOsolver reports. This allows you to gain better vision and optimize your strategy for your specific environment.

  • How long is the course in total?

    Including the live streams, the course will have over 25 hours of video content. You’ll also gain access to our standard line libraries and annotated hand libraries for further study.

  • Do I need to buy PioSOLVER and Hand2Note for this course?

    No. You will only need these programs if you want to run your own simulations for unique lines or for your own pools. We have already included our postflop blueprint based on our own PIO findings over a wide spread of player pools.

  • What version of PioSOLVER do you recommend?

    "PioSOLVER pro" is needed to run your own simulations for unique lines and to do research for your own pools. The cost is $475.00

  • I currently use Simple Postflop or GTO Range Builder, is the course still relevant for me?

    I have had students who have successfully adapted the course content to solver software other than PIO. It requires a good deal of familiarity with the alternate software.

  • How much time should I expect to devote to this course?

    We believe that within 40 hours of studying this course a player can substantially improve his win-rate just by applying the blueprint postflop strategy suggested in the videos and compiled in our Standard Line Library.

  • How do I know your coaching is legit?

    I have 1000s of hours of coaching experience with player at all levels. I have taken losing players at micros and turned them into high stakes winners in less than a year. To learn more about my coaching philosophy and style of play, you can watch the free content on my YouTube channel.

  • I don’t think I am ready for this. Do you have any introductory courses?

    Not at this time. I would recommend checking out RunitOnce.com. They have a very affordable “essential” subscription option where you’ll have access to a lot of helpful beginner training. It’s a great resource for any beginner who is trying to build up his terminology and intro strategy.

  • Is there a refund available?

    There is no refund available on this course, as it has brought proven success to our community over large samples. Please see our member reviews above.

Are you ready to take a smarter approach toward improvement?

When I was stuck chasing the GTO pipe-dream, I always knew I had the work ethic to succeed, but I didn’t have the tools and guidance that I needed to realize my full potential.

My journey as a poker player was a very real struggle, with countless hours of wasted effort. I promised myself that if I ever discovered an easier way, I would create a bridge for others who needed it as much as I did.

It has been a year since we created the original Night Vision course. And now, we have confirmed with a brand new study that the exploits are still there. The money is still on the table.

If you asked me a year ago, I would have said I can’t be sure this opportunity will still be here in 2018.

I feel incredibly lucky to say that our findings are more relevant now than ever before. 

With Night Vision Expansion, we’ve gone even deeper into the data and distilled our findings into a simplified postflop blueprint for rapid improvement.

Our goal moving forward is to work endlessly with the Night Vision Expansion community to keep our members on the leading edge of advanced strategy development and growth. To give our players even more vision over the pool’s imbalances, and the tools to crush their competition.

Which side of the data will you be on?




$600 $1,600 $2,400
All data grids including UPDATED 2018 hotspots grids

Tier 1 Preflop Ranges 

Original NV Tutorial Videos (5+ hours of content)